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Imagine… You’re a top screenwriter.

You’ve written a script.

It took a lot of time and energy and you want to know how to improve it and if it’s ready to send out.

What do you do?

You send it to one of your professional screenwriter friends to get feedback.

Now, back to your actual life….

How do you get this level of quality feedback if you don’t have famous writers as best friends?

Here’s the deal:

You pay for script coverage.

But you might be thinking:

Coverage sites seem shady. How can I tell what companies are legit?

I don’t want to waste my money. When is the right time to pay for it? 

 Script Coverage Is Worth It If…

  • You plan to submit to an agency, production company, or studio.
  • The reader has worked at a major agency, production company, or studio.
  • You want to get a sense of where your script ranks in comparison to other scripts in the same genre.
  • You want “fresh eyes” on your story.

Script Coverage Is NOT Worth It If…

  • You cannot verify the legitimacy or professional experience of the reader.
  • You are in the earliest stages of the creative process and would benefit just as much from feedback on your script from friends, fellow writers, online screenwriting forums, or communities.
  • You are expecting that the reader will help you get you in the door with producers, agents, or managers.

How Is Script Coverage Used?

There are a couple things you need to know about script coverage before you jump in.

First, agents, managers, producers and executives review script coverage for all submitted scripts on a daily basis.

Based on script coverage alone, decision-makers will decide which screenplays that want to read first, put on a pile to read later or pass on (reject) without reading the screenplay


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