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Screenwriting – The New York Film Academy

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In the film industry, screenwriters are now recognized as being just as important as directors in making films. The cliche still holds true, you can make a bad movie with a good screenplay, but you can’t make a good movie with a bad screenplay.

The Screenwriting class is held completely online and was developed by the same faculty that created the rigorous curriculum that is used in our one-year classroom screenwriting program. Rather than gathering in a traditional classroom, students and instructors interact electronically, resulting in increased access for students by allowing them to control the time and place of their participation.

Our online school allows you to work independently and in groups, no matter where or when you work. When students log on to the Online School website, they can:

  • check their email

  • complete coursework through electronic forums

  • interact with their instructors and fellow students through electronic forums when and where they choose

  • communicate online with classmates, instructors, and academic counselors

  • complete 100% of their educational and administrative activities online

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