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Types of Subplots

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Subplots are secondary plots used in movies to enhance the main plot. I typically prefer one or two subplots, but larger ensemble pieces can get away with four or five. Try juggling all those story lines in your screenplay.

Subplots can take several forms, but they must perform at least one of the following functions:

How film studio readers work

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There are many types of readers ranging from story analysts who evaluate the concept to script analysts who evaluate the structural components of the story.

Studio readers must keep track of literary properties the studio already owns and also of incoming new projects; so there is plenty of reading and monitoring to be done.

What’s the difference between a premise and a theme?

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This is a general term used to the describe the overall concept of a loosely formed story. It is the precursor to the genre, plot, tone and conflict of a film, without making any moral judgement on the underlying idea. There is no grand argument in a premise defining a premise as being either good or bad.

A …

In Development

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What we’re working on right now:


The Rage of Jack McGuinness Screenplay


The Lusitania Enigma Novel/Screenplay.


There are a number of stages in the evolution of a screenplay, and each stage usually requires various drafts. Each stage has a specific purpose as you proceed, step-by-step, from a general outline of your story to a script that contains the …