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  • Clare was a dream come true. She was extremely helpful in editing my manuscript. It reads 100% better now that it’s had the once over by Clare. I am so glad I followed my first thought and hired her. Thanks so much, Clare. You’re the best!!!

    Bruce Van Alstyne
  • Clare was fully engaged during the editing of my two projects. She went above and beyond in terms of getting my manuscripts edited and finished in a timely manner. Her attention to detail was inspiring and her instincts for good writing and continuity were impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clare to others in the future. “

    Niall Milton ( Author)
  • With Clare, the editorial communication process I had was professional and supportive. I hired her to edit my manuscript after many drafts and she gave it the attention it needed.
    I would definitely hire Clare again and highly recommend her for any editorial service.

    Nessa Toale
  • I am delighted with the service provided by Clare and Marie at Editing Services. Clare is a pleasure to deal with and I will happily work with her again. Marie edited my manuscript and I am delighted with her input and suggestions. I am very happy that I placed my manuscript in the safe hands of Editing Services.

    Barnaby Taylor ( writer)
  • Clare is a great editor. I received my manuscript with the right changes that did not take away the pace of the story. She gave me some great tips as well and you can see she is focused on improving your manuscript and not looking to make an extra buck out of a client. I totally recommend her and I am sure to bring more of my writing her way!

    Yahaira Lidia Reyes Jimenez ( writer)
  • Thanks for achieving this and thanks for your persistence. Pages written are not the same as the edited version – you made it happen!

    Henrick Heckmann (Writer)
  • I’ve just had the pleasure of working with Clare Keogh of Editing Services here in Dublin. Her sharp, eagle eye caught mistakes on my feature length script that myself and numerous readers had missed. Her comments and suggestions were very well considered and astute. Her passion for great writing equals her vast knowledge. I recommend her highly to any fellow screenwriter who needs the gaze of an industry professional to give their work that final polish. I very much look forward to working with Clare again.

    John Dawson ( Screenwriter)
  • Clare did an expert job at proofing two manuscripts for me. The Presentation Book and The Communication Book. I found her to be professional and passionate. The work she delivered for me was of the highest quality. Her client care is excellent and I really enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend Clare and Editing Services.

    Emma Ledden ( Writer)

Thoughts On Writing

Screenwriting – The New York Film Academy

Posted in - Uncategorized
on August 5th 2016


In the film industry, screenwriters are now recognized as being just as important as directors in making films. The cliche still holds true, you can make a bad movie with a good screenplay, but you can’t make a good movie with a bad screenplay.

The Screenwriting class is held completely online and …

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Self –Publishing

Posted in - Uncategorized
on August 5th 2016

These are your words, this is your story; a tale of pathos and woe, heartbreak and longing, action, violence, sex, death and transformation. Its overarching message will no doubt resonate deeply with the reader.

Except, to have readers, your work must be published. Luckily, this is now easy to do for practically anyone. Where once …

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What Script Readers Want

Posted in - Uncategorized
on August 5th 2016

The immediate joke would be, “They want to become screenwriters, like everyone else in Hollywood.” And to a certain extent, it’s probably true. But in the end, the script reader is the most vital element to any screenwriter’s failure or success, because if you don’t make an impact with the script reader, they don’t …

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About Editing Services


To my daughter, Ariel, who first heard this faerie-tale I had bouncing around in my head when it was still in its infancy. And to my son, Kristopher, who has yet to hear it.

I further want to acknowledge my editors who helped me throughout my writing process; Ms. Connie Williams of Lamesa, TX and Ms. Clare Keogh of Dublin, Ireland I couldn't have done it without you. You both are truly brilliant.Thank you!

Bruce Van Alstyne

Welcome to Editing Services!

Clare Keogh established Editing Services in 2010 to work with new and experienced writers/screenwriters to perfect and polish their manuscript/screenplay for submissions.

Clare has 14 years experience as an assistant director (AD) for numerous film and television productions. A graduate from the New York Film Academy in feature screenwriting. Clare is a script consultant for independent screenwriters and international film companies. Clients include Warner Bros (script reader)

Script editor and writer Paul FitzSimons has over ten years’ experience as a script and manuscript advisor and copy-editor. He has worked with over 40 novelists, screenwriters and playwrights on around 250 manuscripts, film and TV scripts, synopses and treatments. Paul is also a writer, his novel Burning Matches represented by literary agency The Book Bureau. His feature film The Gift (OC Productions) premiered in October 2015 and he worked as a story writer on the RTE Drama Fair City. Paul is currently developing his next feature film, to go into production in 2016, and is copy-editor and proof-reader for Editing Services.

Ian Lynch studied film and media in DIT, while also learning screenwriting and filmmaking in his spare time. Upon leaving college, he began to work on his own screenplays, eventually getting contracted to co-write a horror film for an American producer. Ian also provides screenplay reviews and recommendations for a major London-based production company and is script reader for Editing Services

Learn more about our services here.

Our Services Include

  • Manuscript copy-editing
  • Script reading
  • Screenplay Consultancy

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